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At Procables N Sound (PCNS) we specialize in providing sound options for all of your audio cable needs, including custom cables. We utilize high grade materials that include Coleman, Canare & Gepco cable products and Neutrik, G&H Instustries and now high quality connectors made for us to our high quality specifications!!  Let our 20+ years of tech and performance experience benefit you! 


If you don't see what your looking for in any of our pages please email us. Chances are we can build it. 70% of our sales are custom orders and we NEVER charge extra for custom work! Have an idea about something?  Let us know and we can help you engineer it. We don't charge for advice either, we sell cables, not words!

The cables we build for our customers are the real deal! All our speaker cables, microphone cables, snake cables, insert cables, instrument cables and other cable products are all made with name brand cables and Neutrik ends (exceptions are noted).

We build professional quality cables, don't settle for something that cost less that will fail on you. Remember, your cables never fail when they are sitting in the box, they only fail when you need them and that's usually in front of an audience!

Please Note: Everything on our site is made to order so feel free to be creative with your cable needs because it won't cost anything extra. Orders typically ship within 7 to 10 business days or less. Email us for special timing needs



Whats NEW?!?!?
All New Happy Cab "Dual Exhaust for you amp" is now in full production.  The Happy Cab is a speaker cable splitter box that will allow you do split parallel on one side and series on the other, all in one compact box.  This is hand wired, NO printed circuit boards, with 12 gauge speaker cable and high quality Neutrik jacks.  Durable and great sounding.