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Procables N Sound is a small sized, big value, custom pro audio cable manufacturer (click for pic of our build shop).  We specialize in providing high quality cables for the professional musician, recording studio or sound system technician. 

The cables we build are not the same grade of cables you will typically get at your local music store or the cheapies you may see on ebay or elsewhere.  We use only top notch components that we gig with. 

We want to make you sound great. 

We also offer a large variety of custom options to make your life easier as well.  We can make you custom audio snakes, quick disconnects, monitor cables, speaker cables, microphone cables all in virtually any size and variation you can dream up.

For more information or general questions please drop us a line and we'll see how we can help you. 

[email protected]

(Here is a picture of our tech hard at work)

(Here is your friendly neighborhood sales guy!)




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