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Happy Cab 2/11/2019
By: Headshrinker    (Ohio)
Got my Happy Cab from Patty and Todd at PCNS this week. Can't say if my cabs are happy, but I sure am. I've been having a ball trying different cabs together as well as combos and different extension cabs. Want to see if there is a difference between parallel and series wiring, it's a breeze, just unplug the cables from one side and put them on the other side of the Happy Cab and you are there. If you want to see if the cabs sound better in series with one getting the signal first as opposed to the other getting it first, once you figure out the wiring inside as to which jack gets the signal first, you can try it. Lots of us are inveterate tweakers and tryers and the Happy Cab makes it easy. Of course the workmanship and materials are top of the line. Wait I just thought of another possibility. Got to go try it.
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