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Ultra IC00P GS6 Patch Cable
Ultra IC00P GS6 Patch Cable
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Our Ultra IC00P GS6 are Instrument Patch Cables made with Canare GS-6 instrument cable and come standard with your choice of 1/4" plug options. This cable offers Bass players, Guitar players and Keyboards clearity in the upper register with more high end presence and greater clearity.  There is still all the bottom end you want just with better clarity.  This is a very natural, transparent.  You can choose between Black, Blue GS-6 colored cable. 
Please visit Patch cable page for instructions on measuring your patch cables

NEW OPTION!  Upgrade to Gold and Black G&H plugs!
NOTE: Quantity Discount will apply even if you add 5 or more different optioned cables to the shopping cart!

Buy 5 or more of this item for $15.00 each
Select Cable Color 
Select Cable Ends 
Select Cable Length 
Select Gold & Black G&H Plugs 
Select Plug Configuration 
Select Shrink Tube Color 

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