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PCNS Pedal Board Cable KIT
PCNS Pedal Board Cable KIT
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PCNS Pedal Board Cable KIT.  This do it yourself bulk cable & plug Effect Patch Cable KIT is available with 90 degree or straight 1/4" connectors and with very flexible 22 gauge Canare GS4 Instrument cable.  Small 4.0mm outside diameter cable with a very transparent sound.  Please choose cable length, shrink tube color & length and quantity of straight or right angle connectors.
This is for the "do it yourselfer" who likes to build their own cables.  Cable comes in the length ordered and will need to cut and stripped before assembly.
Note: This is a do it yourself kit not finished ready to use cables.  These are solderd connectors with this kits.  If you are not able to solder do NOT order this kit.
The Canare GS4 is excellent cable for pedal board cables because this is extremely flexible cable with small 4.0mm outside diameter.  The cable is very low capacitence providing a very natural/transparent sound.  Great cable, durable jacket, braided sheild and professionally assembled.  Only available in black cable.
All of our do it yourself kits come with G&H solid copper core Nickle plugs & enough shrink tube for the amount of connectors you order (1ft min). 
If you would like some solder please put a note in the comments section and we'll throw some in for you.
Select Cable Length 
Select Right Angle Plugs G&H RF2P-NNN 
Select Shrink Tube Color 
Select Straight Plugs G&H BF2P-NNN 

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Love these new cables!
I did an a=b

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