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Jumbo Power Y III Speaker Cable w/2 male legs 12/2
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Our 12 Gauge Jumbo Power Y III Speaker Cable w/2 male legs is designed to split the output of an amplifier into two speaker sources.  Now available in 12 gauge with a straight Jumbo 1/4" Male plug at the amp end feeding 2 Jumbo 1/4" male plugs.   This will deliver more power to your speakers or extension speaker cabs.  Great for head amps with one speaker out.

This Speaker Y Cable will plug into back of amp using a high quality straight Large body male G&H plug with a large back opening for heavy gauge speaker cable and splits the signal into two Large body Male plugs.  Made for speaker applications with 12 gauge high quality high strand copper speaker cable.  Standard Power Y III 12/2 comes standard with 3ft Male legs.  Optional lengths available.

For series orders this option may not work in some circumstances.  Speaker Cabinets with internal crossovers are not recommended.  All 3 points of a series Y cable must be plugged in at all times or damage to your equipment can occur.  We will not be responsible for damage to your equipment with this option.
Also, available with Neutrik Speakon NL4 plugs!!

NOTE: Standard parallel wiring will halve the impedance of two speaker cabinets ie. Two 8 ohms speakers will cause the amp to see 4 ohms.  Two 16 ohms, 8 ohms amp . . . .
Optional Series wiring will effectively double the impedance of two speaker cabinets. Two 8 ohms speakers will cause the amp to see 16 ohms and so on . . . EMAIL with any questions [email protected]
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