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Power Y Box - OBSOLETE - See Happy CAB
Power Y Box - OBSOLETE - See Happy CAB
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Our Power Y Box has been replaced by our super versatile Happy Cab - Dual Exhaust for your amp.  http://procablesnsound.com/items/speaker-y-cables/HAPCAB-detail.htm

Our Power Y Box is a handy spin off of our very popular Y cables.  Made with an all aluminum box, this speaker splitter will take the output from your amp and split it to speakers jacks.  This high quality box is wired with 12 gauge cable and high quality jacks.  One input jack going to Two output jacks.  Supply your own speaker cables or pick up a set of our high quality heavy gauge cables that will match the wire gauge of the box.
This is a no frills box, plain unpainted aluminum with 1 input and 2 output jacks, simple, effecient and reasonably priced.
Available in standard Parallel or optional Series wiring.
For series orders this option may not work in some circumstances.  Speaker Cabinets with internal crossovers are not recommended.  All 3 points of a series Y cable must be plugged in at all times or damage to your equipment can occur.  We will not be responsible for damage to your equipment with this option.

NOTE:Standard parallel wiring will halve the impedance of two speaker cabinets ie. Two 8 ohms speakers will cause the amp to see 4 ohms.  Two 16 ohms, 8ohms amp . . . .
Optional Series wiring will effectivly double the impedance of two speaker caninets. Two 8 ohms speakers will cause the amp to see 16 ohms and so on . . . EMAIL with any questions [email protected]
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