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Microphone Cable

Our "Premiere" and "Ultra" microphone products offer superior cable quality that will provide a clean clear signal.  They will stand up to the rigors of a touring professional or the confines of the studio. We use Canare L-2T2S microphone cable for all of our Ultra series microphone products and Canare L4E6S Star Quad for our Premiere cable products.  Don't be fooled by how nice these cable look, they are really tough!  The cable packing material is made out of a kevlar compound (kevlar is the stuff they make bullet proof vests out of) so the cable diameter can be smaller while still being much stronger! Add to your length by choosing our "By The Foot"  option during your ordering process.

Starquad is Canare's premiere microphone cable and is their best selling cable product over all. Its flexible, satin smooth to the touch and extra-strong.  Its 21 gauge cable has a braided shield for silent operation without RF interence.  Forty separate strands in each of the 4 conductors eliminate breakage due to flexing. A special compound PVC outer jacket resists cracking and tears even in sub-zero environments.  Available from us in 5 matte finish color jackets.




L-2T2S is Canare's standard diameter 2-conductor microphone cable for general purpose audio applications. The high density braided shield and two inner conductors (composed of 60 thin strands of copper wire), allow for maximum flexibility and reduced handling noise. A special compound PVC outer jacket resists cracking and tears even in sub-zero environments.  Available from us in black only.

Premiere Microphone Cables
Premiere Microphone Cables
Premiere Series Microphone products featuring Canare Star Quad
Ultra Microphone cables
Ultra Microphone cables
Ultra Series Microphone Cables and Mic Cable adapters featuring Canare L-2T2S.
(shown in optional blue cable with white shrink tube)
SPECIAL 2 FOR $75 Maxxx XP Instrument Cables
SPECIAL 2 FOR $75 Maxxx XP Instrument Cables
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BLACK FRIDAY PRE ORDER SPECIAL PRICE Maxxx XP 2 CABLES FOR $75 INCLUDING SHIPPING Full-range instrument cable made with 100% U.S.A. parts and labor!  Hand built in our custom shop with G&H 1/4" Black and Gold plugs.  This is a great sounding cable for bass players and guitar players.

This is a pre order special.  Orders taken between now and November 27th will begin shipping on Monday the 30th.  Options are available for an up charge, same low price for 10ft, 12ft, 15f or 18ft.  If you want to mix your cable lenghts please note that in the comments during check out.  Supplies are limited so don't wait to order to take advantage of this offer!
The Maxxx XP is slightly louder than our Patriot SX series with a slightly mellower but clearer top end.  Easily our best sounding cable and as durable a cable as we build.  Click on the picture for more specs and description





Select 1/4 Plug Amp End 
Select 1/4" Plug Guitar End 
Select Cable Color 
Select Cable Length 
Select Personalized Name 
Select Shrink Tube Color 

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