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Pedal Board and Patch Cables

LP Pedal Board Cables
LP Pedal Board Cables

Patriot PBX Pedal Board Cables
Patriot PBX Pedal Board Cables
Our Patriot PBX Pedal board cables give you everything you love in our Patriot SX instrument cables in a cable designed for your pedal board.  Now you can go start to finish with our best sounding cable.
These are full-range pedal board cables made in the U.S.A.  Hand built in our custom shop with either G&H Black and Gold 1/4" plugs or our all new design flat "RA" plug.  This is a great sounding cable for bass players and guitar players. 


Some cables with “good” high end are harsh or brassy sounding. Not this one! The top end is clear and punchy with superb presence. This is achieved without compromising a great bottom end.

We now have an exchange policy in place to help you fine tune you pedal cable length to fit your exact needs!
Ultra Pedal Board and Patch Cables
Ultra Pedal Board and Patch Cables
Our Ultra pedal board and patch cables are awesome!  We use Canare GS-4 for our pedal board kits and pedal board cables.  This cable offers superb flexible and transparency to fit your sonic needs. 
All of our pedal board cables use G&H plugs to assure you highest sound quality and reliability possible!

Compare our assembled prices to the solderless kits that are available and you may be surpised to see how little cost difference there is . . . . . and we do all the work

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